Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

The Root of Hope - Ibogaine

I stumbled across a video about Ibogaine...a plant found in Africa and legally used in a variety of countries to treat addiction to heroin (and other opiates), alcoholism, and cocaine. There are quite a few You Tube videos to view related to it. The video has Greg Douglas, formerly with the Steve Miller Band, who after battling a 30 year addiction to heroin, was cured after taking Ibogaine.


LisaC said...

It's difficult for me to believe there is anything that "cures" heroin addiction.

kelly said...

Of the 3 people I know that went to Mexico to do the treatment, did relapse, unfortunately there is no cure all for this horrific disease. Some went back for a boost dose and I am not sure how they are doing now thou

Sid said...

Im a fourteen year heroin addict, I've tried everything to get off heroin, I recently tried ibogaine and can honestly say it worked for the acute withdrawal! I'ts the bit after that's more difficult, but it always is.!

Ive blogged about it anyway


Anonymous said...

I would love to know more about this, I am desperate to try and help my loved one recover. I will do anything. If anyone knows more information about the success rate through personal experience or statistics of this method, PLEASE please please contact me through my blog: "Living With You and Your Addiction".

However, I am hesitant to get my hopes up. They have been dashed so many times before.

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