Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Henry...lost his life due to addiction

This video is about Henry, the son of Katie Granju, who lost his life due to his addiction to opiates.  It is very moving!  It's becoming clear to me that one of the main problems we face in trying to get the message out to other parents of at risk teens (before it is too in the case of Henry) is the tendency to remain silent.  Usually, we remain silent or anonymous to protect our child's identity.  I believe if more recovering addicts would join with their parent(s) to educate others, then more parents would be better prepared to deal with all of the issues that accompany drug use.


Kristi (Jake's Mom) said...

What an amazing video! Thank you for putting this out there....

Syd said...

So sad. I wish that people didn't have to die because of drugs.

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