Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

A New Project

Hi is good here!  I've been busy with a multitude of activities...jogging (until I hurt my back...I can still do everything else though), hiking, trying lots of new recipes (my husband and J are loving that), finished training our puppy Jake on the invisible fence and he's thriving, get togethers with family and friends, and online Christmas shopping (I's a bit early for that).

I bought a new Mac computer and love it.  I downloaded the footage I shot while on my trip to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam back in December, and used the iMovie feature on the Mac to make some movies.  I've attached one...hope you enjoy.  (You'll need to go to my playlists for songs on the bottom right and shut that you can hear the music I attached to the video)

 My OCD tendencies have kicked into high gear and I've been making lots of movies.  I'd love to share one that I made of J when he was a baby...but my ex-husband is in it...I'd be afraid he would sue me or something if he ever found it somehow.  Not that it depicts him in a bad light...other than being the father of someone who grew up to have an addiction most people in the world, in some form or fashion.  Does anyone have any advice in this department?

J is doing great...except he lost his job...but he decided to go back to school in January!  He's looking for another job to hold him over until then.  His father said he would pay his living expenses if J could get loans for school.  We're not sure yet how much he qualifies I'll help him if he doesn't get aid.

I'm still interviewing for a few positions.  At times I feel that I should be looking more diligently, but then these projects come up...and well I'm enjoying life.  I'm very blessed that I have money in the bank to draw from to get me through...but then I feel a bit guilty for continuing to use it...oh well...I believe I'm where I'm supposed to be right now.

Sending peace, love & joy to all of you!


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Syd said...

It's good to be enjoying life. That is a goal I believe. Like your video!

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