Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Bundle of Joy!

We have a new bundle of joy…Jake! He’s a Brittany Spaniel and three months old. The previous owners had him for a month. The husband is in the military and is being deployed to Iraq on Monday. He got him for his wife so she wouldn’t miss him so much while he’s gone for a year…but they have three children and another dog and it’s a bit too much for her.

I’ve had dogs most of my life and have missed having one for the past few years in some ways and have enjoyed the freedom of not having one also. I have been jogging him two miles each day for the past three days that we’ve had him. I read that this breed of dog can become destructive if not exercised enough…so this is the perfect place for him. We have an invisible fence that encompasses an acre of the five acres of land, but I need to research how and when to train him. His favorite games are me chasing him and playing tug of war. He’s already a mama’s boy - following me everywhere. He was living in an apartment…so he’s almost on sensory overload out in the country…with the new sights, sounds and smells. He’s a hunting dog and has already pointed a grasshopper. He loves to drink out of the KOI pond and it’s fun to watch the goldfish swim over to where he’s lapping up water and for some reason congregate there. He’s fallen in a couple of times.!

The neighbor’s cat…who was here all of the time…has been scarce lately. I’ll miss the presents the cat was leaving for me at the back door almost every day…dead mice and a half-eaten squirrel (yuck)!

This is a photo of the lane that leads to our house…we’re the last one down the quarter-mile road…

This is our neighbor’s barn…he has sheep, alpacas, dogs and cats!

He says, I'm pooped!

P.S.  I've been seeing my mother every 2-3 days and have established better boundaries!  I quit smoking 5-6 days ago...with the help of the patch...and feel much better!


Felicitas said...

Sherry - Jake is gorgeous! And I'm sure he's just as thrilled to have you as his new mama, as you are to have him.

Anna said...

Congratulations on your new addition.

Shen said...

How sweet! Our old black lab is called Jake, so I am partial the the name too.


Anonymous said...

He is adorable!!!!! Congrats!

Barbara said...

I can almost FEEL how soft that fur is. He's precious! Of course he's a mama's boy - he's a smart dog :)

Congrats, there's few things in life as wonderful as a puppy!

Syd said...

He is really cute. Glad that you have him. I am sure that he is already much loved.

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