Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love


My husband and I went up to visit J for the first time in over a month and were told that he was supposed to send us a form to fill out and send back before we could visit.  Basically, we now have to wait until Wednesday because we didn't get the forms soon enough.  Hopefully, a lesson learned for him.  I know he was looking forward to the visit also.

I scheduled the trip for my husband and I to go to Dominican Republic.  We leave next Saturday for one week.  That is where we went last January (actually the same week) after we got married (the second time).  He said he was interested in going somewhere hot and cheap.  I told him it sounded like the requirements for the perfect woman (he enjoyed that comment - that's guy humor)!

I've recently taken on the role of being an assistant organizer for my hiking club and the social club.  I'm excited because I planned an 8 mile hike at the end of the month and have had a huge response.  I also planned some fun events for the social club, i.e., going to an art show that has over 200 artists' work displayed, going to the horse races and they also have a fun band for dancing, and going to hear a live band/dancing.  I've had great response to these also.

I'm taking a test next week to become a census worker.  Since the job lasts for a couple of months and is somewhat flexible, I thought it might work out well for me.

We had a snowfall of about 6 inches and it's beautiful!


J is safe and sober
Smoke-free for 7 weeks


Laura said...

You have a great sense of balance going in your life!

I hope your trip is exceptional and I think J will really appreciate your visit on Wed.


Heather's Mom said...

I can see how disappointing that would have been. The mistake with the paperwork is just another growing step for him. I hope you have a great visit when the time comes Wednesday and he appreciates seeing you two that much more.
I hope you do well on your test! I read about the census jobs, they seem nice and pay well. I hope you get it :)

Lou said...

Fabulous that you are getting on with your life!

Madison said...

You are an awesome example of living life in spite of... I heard William Shatner saying that the reason he does ads for Priceline is because he grew up watching his parents become so frustrated just planning a vacation that, after all the hassle, they just threw in the towel. And, here you are heading all over the world. You make me want to go somewhere.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

I hope your visit on Wednesday is wonderful and sorry you had to get your hopes up to be dashed a bit. You do have such a balance going, it is inspiring. My friend used to work at the cenus bureau and LOVED it. I may just plan a cruise in February, you make me want to travel also:)

Barbara aka Layla said...

Hot and cheap sounds good to me - but I wasn't thinking in terms of women, just vacations. You and your husband sound like a great couple with good senses of humor. I am glad you are getting away!

I tried to sign up for the census gig but our area had more than enough people signed up for the test so I never even got that far.

Hopefully J learned a lesson, at least it didn't have any dangerous consequences (that's how I label lessons these days - ha)

thank you so much for your loving concern and prayers for Anthony. I am heading up to tell Keven in person about it and possibly take him for a visit...if he asks to go.

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