Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Beauty and My Life

Here are some additional photos from Europe...

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Island of Capri, Italy

On board the cruise at sunset

Segovia, Spain

We found a car for J and bought it's a 1997 with only 67,000 miles on it!  He passed his written and physical driving tests...but the Court messed up and didn't provide the BMV with the correct information concerning J's suspension.  So...after many phone calls, hopefully today they will fax the correct info over to the BMV so that we can get his "interlock" drivers license.  Of course, it's a trial in patience for have a car now and not be able to drive it just yet.

He has another drug test today in between class and work.  Tomorrow he has a probation appt. in between class and work...busy, busy, busy!!

The other day I asked him why he was so quiet...he said the drugs changed his personality.  I asked him if he was being serious...he said "Yes".  I do get him to chuckle and/or smile occasionally...which is great to see!

I'm also being patient concerning the sale of my house and the purchase of another one.  We still haven't heard back about the appraisal from last week and we put an offer down on a foreclosure property that is owned by the which they replied that there was another to give our best offer...which we we're waiting.  I haven't packed a thing yet...just going through things gradually...getting together goodwill items and throwing away some.  I'm not a pack rat...but I'm excited about simplifying my life!  For example, I have a paraffin wax warmer for the hands that I haven't used in years...gone now!

I received a call about a job and they'll be calling me later this week for an interview...the timing is great!  I am an event planner/sales manager and I used to work with the Chef from this facility when we were at another venue, so he referred me.

My husband and I went canoeing was fun.

I'm treating myself to a massage's only $30 for 1 was half price!

Sending peace and love to all of you!!


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Syd said...

Great photos. Glad that things are going well at home.

Anonymous said...

Wow, incredible photos! Great to hear all is well. In regards to the personality issues, drugs changed mine as well. Once I was off the drugs, I had to rediscover who I was. Since I had focused my entire life around drugs, I had forgotten what I was even like. It took a while, but I found me again. Good luck to J.

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

Love your pictures! Congratulations on your new house! Your music always makes me smile. Take a break but comeback I want to hear more!

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