Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Break Time

I'm going to take a break from blogging...well a bigger break than lately.  There is so much going on...closing on my house this week...found another house and will be closing on it later in August.  Interviewing for a job next week.  Packing.  Going to Chicago next Friday for the weekend to pick up a friend from England who has never been to America and is staying with us for 10-12 days.

The new house is on 5 acres...wooded lot...3 bedroom/2 bath ranch...vaulted ceilings and skylights...which I love...and less expensive.  I feel very grateful that my house sold so quickly...having only lived here for 2 years and that we found a house that suits us.

J is very busy.  He reports to two probation officers.  He's enjoying driving again.  He will have been clean from drugs for 1 year next month!

I may paint a picture of "everything's rosy"...but all of son, myself and husband go through our moments of sadness, agitation, irritation, anger, etc., but I'm not one to dwell on the attitude is one personality characteristic that I'm most grateful for!

Something I've realized through all of this...I thought I was co-dependent and discovered I'm not.  It's difficult to separate normal parent feelings and being a nice person feelings from some of the symptoms of this.

I'll leave you with a few more pictures from Europe...

Flower Peddler in Cannes, France




I'll continue to pray for everyone and read your posts. Thank you to those of you who keep us in your prayers and/or thoughts!


Addiction--Mom trying to Detach with Love said...

Oh Sherry, I am so going to miss you and I hope you are just truly taking a short "break" and that we will hear from you again shortly. I have also taken a small break just for my own well being. I continue to read posts and make comments, just not posting too much this Summer. Your comments have helped me so much and your loving spirit always jumps off the page. Thanks for being my support friend!

Annette said...

Enjoy your break. Sounds like you have a lot going on....good stuff though! Hope you are back when the time is right for you...but please do come back. :o)

Heather's Mom said...

Wow! You've got a lot going on! It all sounds GOOD though :) Praise God :) Thanks for the update - I hope all goes well with moving - so glad you found a house you like - and so glad J is doing well.
Enjoy your time with your friend!
God bless. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers while you're on break!

Shen said...

You'll be missed...
I may not always comment, but I do try to keep up with your posts (which I've noticed have been more spaced out recently). It's good not to allow yourself to get burned out, thought.

I look forward to future posts.

Felicitas said...

Sherry, your photos of Europe are absolutely gorgeous!

Wishing you all the best with your big move and all the other exciting events.

Barbara said...

Did you know that Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about you? :) Pretend I am singing it now..."Say hey, hey, hey whataya say Sherry Darlin, hey, hey, whataya say Sherry Darlin".

I miss you already but am so happy for you and thrilled to know that J is going to celebrate ONE YEAR of sobriety! Enjoy all your endeavors and travels and of course, the new house...and please don't stay away for too long!!!

Syd said...

Good for you. Enjoy the break and the new house.

jackandaisy said...

thank you for taking the time to say hello. have a wonderful break. congrats to your son on his sobriety. and enjoy the new house.


Cheri said...

Hi Sherry,

Congratulations on your new home and to J on his first year of sobriety. We will pray there will be many more added to that one!

You continue in our prayers,


PS - I finally finished my book! It went to the publisher and should be out this fall.

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