Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Bitter Sweet

Last night my son arrived home with his girlfriend and handed me two dozen roses...this is a picture of them...and a card.  He said he thought the card was perfect.  It said:


no one has to tell me how lucky I am to have you,
because I've known for along time

When I think back over the years
and remember all the special things
you've done for me,
I realize that you're not only
a great mother, but you're also
a wonderful person.
You've taught me so much
about life and love and giving,
and those are lessons I'll never forget.

So many things that have added to my happiness
have been gifts from you...
maybe having a mother like you
has spoiled me a bit,
but don't ever think
I don't appreciate and love you,
because I do...with all my heart.

Happy Mother's Day

Inside he wrote:  I'll never be able to express how much you mean to me and how much I love you.
                          Thank you so much for being here for me through everything.  Love, J

My husband just left to take J to his three week DUI rehab.  As J and I hugged goodby...I swallowed the tears until he walked out of the door.  I'm very lucky to have a son like him...I'll miss him!


Dulce said...

You've moved me with these beautiful words!

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Barbara said...

You are indeed lucky to have a son like him! The flowers are gorgeous and the words are touching.

Happy Mother's Day to a very special Mom!

Annette said...

They are good kids huh. They just have some stuff to work through and overcome. Happy Mothers day!

Shen said...

You are lucky to see the gratitude and love he has for you. Too often those sentiments are left too long...

happy mother's day

Addiction--Mom trying to Detach with Love said...

Oh Sherry, how lucky you are to have your son back. I love how his Mother's Day gift and card to you really showed how lucky he feels as well to have such a loving and devoted mother. Happy Mother's Day to a very special person.

Jennifer said...

This is so of the heart.

Anonymous said...

He obviously feels pretty lucky as well! Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, touching post. Your son sounds like a remarkable young man who loves and trusts you so much. I can't help but think that his honesty with you and love for you will give him the strength to get through to the other side of addiction. You are a wonderful mother - thinking of you. Peggy

Syd said...

What a great thing for J to do. I think that he obviously loves you and knows that you love him. That's a winning combination.

Cheri said...


I am so blessed to read about your Mother's Day! It is a challenge to walk through addiction and so many take so long to see the light, but when they do, the gratitude, hope, beauty, and thankfulness you feel as a mom is overwhelming! I just celebrated our fourth drug-free Mother's Day, and I cannot tell you what a blessing that young man is to my life! Treasure J. I know you do.

Love and hugs and prayers,

PS - Sorry I don't get around to visiting my bloggy buddies as often as I want to. Writing this book is an incredible time commitment. But we're in the home stretch!! Four chapters from the end!

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