Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Teen Challenge

I just found out about another rehab that has over 200 facilities nationwide and 1000 internationally. It was started in 1958 and a typical stay is 12 months. It is christian based and has a huge success rate. They treat adolescents, but the majority are between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.

The Court can sentence them to go there if you request it through the attorney. It is not a lock-down facility, but they will call the probation officer if someone leaves. I'm waiting to hear back from them today, but after researching, it looks like the cost is minimal (even for 12 months).

The name is Teen Challenge and the website is:


Annette said...

Teen Challenge is a wonderful ministry. I hope you hear back and receive some encouragement from them.

SCote23924 said...

I'm interested to find out whether or not your son goes to Teen Challenge. I too have heard wonderful things about that program here in Virginia. Good luck.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I have heard really great things about Teen Challenge!!! I think it has one of the best reputations out there.

Anonymous said...

Great ministry. Mostly effective with full detox prior and a buffer period of no drugs. Very tough for an opiate addict to stay clean initially.

Brother Frankie said...

be careful with teen challenge. i am a christian minister and i am extremely familiar with teen challenge. there are some good ones, but they are far in-between.

they have changed alot since the "cross and the switchblade years".

rememeber that they hav no liscensed drug or medical persons on sight. Nor do they allow interaction with such.

there view on addiction is that it is demonic. (it is to an extent from a christian stance, but the truth is it is a disease being fed by sin)

do your homework and google teen challenge problems..

i have seen great results as well as horrible ones. their stats on their home page are from the 70's and 80's and do not include addicts who dropped out or were kicked out. (i could go on and on, google them)

for those of you that have had positive experience with TC.. great and praise God.. just remember that not all are the same..


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