Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

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The week after J first went to jail, I was running an errand and saw a woman walking down the street with a suitcase.  I immediately felt compassion for her, pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride.  This was back in September during my "guilt- ridden/co-dependency" period, so I don't remember all of the details.

She said she was going to meet her sister and was headed to an area that was about 20 minutes away by car.  I told her I could take her.  She was a black woman, perhaps in her 50's, and poor.  As I asked more questions, she began contradicting herself. 

To make a long story shorter, I drove to three different areas and at one point was trying to find a church to leave her at.  I let her use my cell phone to call her "sister" and eventually I stopped at a convenience store for her to obtain directions.  I called my roommate and told her what was going on.  She sounded very concerned and said I should just leave her there.  When she came out of the store, I told her that I needed to get on my way and she asked if I could spare any money for her to get a hotel room and I said "no", wished her well and drove off.   I have never picked up a hitchhiker, so this was very unusual for me.  Pretty crazy!

The events that I organized through "meetup" have come to an end...whew!  The week before last, I had about 30 people come to a venue to listen to a popular live band and dance.  The following day I led an 8 mile hike on a paved bike trail, alongside a small river.  It would have been a pretty easy hike, except there was 6 inches of snow to crunch through.

This Friday evening I had about 30 people come to the horse races.  I have only been to a horse race once before years ago so it was exciting.  I bet on 7 races and won 3 of them - walking away with $18 extra.  The first horse I bet and won on was called "Fearful woman"!  Sunday was my final event, "Indoor glow-in-the-dark" putt putt golf.  There were about 25 people and then about 15 of us went to eat afterward. 

My husband and I also went to someone else's meetup event last Sunday, "indoor target practice".  Neither one of us have been to an indoor place, even though we are both experienced shooters.

That's a pic of me shooting...

I have picked up the bible a few times through the years and attempted to read it.  I have always found it to be quite daunting and boring.  I recently bought a new bible called "The One Year Bible" and love it.  They split it up into daily readings of about 15 minutes, comprised of a section from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. 

I saw J on Saturday and it was a good visit.  He said that since he's in with the lowest risk group, there are some guys in his pod that are in for not paying child support.  The two hours a day that he attends classes sometimes are filled with information about non-payment of child support, consequences, etc.  Seems a little odd to have drug addicts sit in on that...!  He mentioned that he would like to be assessed for depression when he is released.  He has an appointment the day after he is released!

Love and peace to each of you!!


Barbara said...

Great post, full of all kinds of interesting things :)

I miss shooting. I had to remove all the guns from the house because Keven is not allowed to be near them while on probation and he's my shooting partner so I have not been in a long time.

I have a One Year Bible but the Bible brings out the worst in me these days so I leave it alone.

Sounds like J continues to do well...I am so happy for that. I'm glad he's being evaluated. I think its rare for an addict to not have an underlying issue that requires meds.

Bristolvol said...

I am with you on the bible reading. I grew up catholic in Germany and we were never exposed to the bible. Now that I live in the "bible belt" I feel somewhat ignorant when it comes to knowing anything about the bible. I'll check out the One Year bible you mentioned. Thanks for the tip. I think it is a good idea to find out what happens when you don't pay your child support. I can imagine that some of those negligent dads are addicts who rather buy drugs than pay support! So happy for you that your son is doing well.

Lou said...

I have that daily really helped break the Bible into manageable pieces.

PS brisolvol--I grew up Catholic in Germany also!

Heather's Mom said...

A lot of good stuff here! I forgot about all the events you had set up! Very impressive :) Jealous about the horse track! Grew up in Cincinnati Ohio - so miss the tracks and the Kentucky Derby. Even South Florida had some tracks (thoroughbred & trotter), but up here... nada... Hey, and $18 is $18! :)
Good that J himself asked to be assessed for depression, that he realizes something is going on and wants to address it. God might find some lesson to teach him in those child support classes!
God bless.

Syd said...

It sounds as if the lady you picked up was a bit off balance. Hopefully, she was able to get where she needed to go. I don't pick up hitch hikers anymore. Even as a man, it is just too risky.

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