Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Communication Struggles

My husband and I have been having communication struggles. At the end of this morning's "communicating session" he said he thinks the problem is women. That he really dislikes women!

We don't yell/scream when we communicate. The typical scenario is that I tell him how I'm feeling about something and he gets defensive and takes it personally. Marriage is a struggle!

He agreed to go with me to visit J in jail for the first time last night. We "communicated" on the way and I mentioned that there seemed to be a lack of warmth/closeness between us. He agreed and said it has been for a while. I am the type person that likes to analyze the problem and break it down and he is the emotional one that gets upset quickly, says things he doesn't mean and/or ends the conversation abruptly. He has been going through a lot with his family this year which is a contributing factor.

He complains that I'm on the internet all of the time, which is not true (I give him examples of all the other things that I do also). It is quite complicated and I could give more details to help others understand the situation, but it is private and would turn into a book!

Anyway, while we're waiting in the waiting room, he admits that this is very hard for him - coming to see J in jail. I asked him to explain and he said for one thing it makes him feel like a failure as a step-father. He is not the type person to read or take other action to help him in situations so I just try to listen and not pass judgment.

I think men have it harder in life because they typically don't have friends they can talk to in depth about their feelings.

Well, I better get off the dreaded internet! Since I'm on it all of the time, I wonder how I managed to go out yesterday to purchase a camcorder for my trip, shampoo all of the carpets, do laundry, make phone calls, go to Lowes to p/u paint for a chest of drawers that I'm redoing today, stop by the grocery, scrub the laundry sink with steel wool, clean the house for company tomorrow, help my roommate move her things in last night after the visit to J, read the manual for the camcorder, pack some more for my trip, etc. etc. etc. Just a typical day in the life of Sherry!



Son is safe and sober
Sense of humor

Peace, love and happiness to everyone!!


Annette said...

LOL....I think my husband must be a polygamist and he is secretly married to you too!

Madison said...

Smoke free 7 days and J in jail. Now that right there is the beginning of a family brawl.

sarah said...

I like your gratitude list. Take gentle care Sarah

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