Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love

Bisons, Elk and Bears...Oh My!

Glacier National Park, Montana is absolutely stunning!  My husband and I had the
pleasure of visiting there and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming in 2006.

We flew into an airport between the two, rented a car and drove to
Glacier first.  Driving along the 50 mile "Going to the Sun Road" was gorgeous
and a bit nerve wrecking because of the sheer drop-offs!

We went on a few hikes in the three days we were there.
The most memorable was the 10 mile round trip hike to "Iceberg Lake",
which is pictured below the eagle photo.  We saw a brown bear
on the hike, but the photo isn't that great, so I didn't attach it!

This Bison was ambling along the road as we drove by in Yellowstone!
The Elk walked by while we were having a picnic lunch...the
wild life was spectacular!

This waterfall was along one of the hikes we did.

Being a hunter, my husband felt naked without a gun hiking in the wildnerness.
We had some bear mace, but he didn't have much confidence in it.  We
had heard that you should make noise when coming around corners,
so we would sing or clap our hands quite frequently,
and felt quite silly at times!

Hope you have a beary nice day today!!


Mom trying to Detach with Love said...

I love you recent posts of past trips. They make me feel like going out and having fun which I need to do:) Great pictures, and wow, those are some big animals!!

Syd said...

I haven't been there but it looks like a spectacular place. I liked the series on the National Parks.

Anna said...

Magnificent pictures! I'm glad you went.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures. Best you had a fabulous time!

Dulce said...



tahnks for sharing your beautiful pics.
I love it!


A Mom' Serious Blunder said...

That lake looks amazing...when you see it I can only imagine that you know there must be a god to produce such beauty. I want to visit there one day.

Jennifer said...


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