Awakening Through Love

Awakening Through Love


Almost two weeks have passed since J was in Court.  He is doing very well...working 50 hours a week...having some fun...went bowling Saturday night with friends and to a Black and White party with friends last night.  A friend of his picked him up...a girl in a "black & white" dress.  I told J that if there is any hint of trouble, to call us and we'll come pick him up.  Because he's on probation, he has to be very careful.  My husband voiced his concerns to me after J left, that what if someone in the car has alcohol or pot and they get stopped, or, what if the party gets out of hand and the police are called and what if...!!  I said it is out of our control...all we can do is offer to drive/p/u.

J and I have had a couple of conversations about the past...he assured me that I absolutely did the right thing when I called the police, resulting in him spending 6 months altogether with jail...then "lockdown" rehab.  When I asked if there was anything else I could/should have done, he said no, that having "real" consequences of going to prison is what is a huge motivator for him and having had clean time of at least 6 months is also important he said.  I believe the reconnection that has occurred between his father and he has also helped in his healing process.

His father asked him how he could help and J said money would be the only way, since he lives 1000 miles away.  He has lots of fines, an attorney to finish paying off, will need to have money to buy a car, insurance, BMV fines, etc., etc.  He sent him $500 for now.

I mentioned a family friend, whose son is also going through addiction problems to J and the fact that he hasn't been to jail yet.  He said that he most likely needs to go.  He said that it doesn't usually work for someone who has already been to jail.  I believe he is speaking from the experiences that a few of his friends have been through, although most of his friends are just finishing with college and one in particular is heading to Europe in June with another friend.

I just booked another trip leaving in June...this one with a girlfriend.  We're heading first to Madrid, Spain for a couple of days, taking the train to Lisbon, Portugal for a couple of days, onto Barcelona, where we'll board a 12 night cruise that stops at: Cannes, France, Florence, Italy, Rome, Naples, Venice (my birthday will fall while we're there), Croatia, Greece and back to Spain, where we'll have to take another train back to Madrid, because that was the most economical air accomodations.

I'm really excited and have been very busy booking all of the, rail travel, hotels, etc. etc., buying new sandals and beach hat!  My job will end right before the trip leaves and when I approached my husband with the plan, he was surprisingly positive about it.  When I called my friend to say it was a go...she kept shrieking and yelling...yeah, yeah!

When opportunity is staring you in the this case...a friend that isn't working right now...has the $...likes to travel the way I do...a day or two in each spot...I say GO for it!  J will be in the court ordered rehab for two of the three weeks that we'll be gone, so the timing is good.

Anyway, I'll have new photos to post in a couple of months!


J is sober...the safety part is up to he and God!!
For trains, planes, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, feet!!
For  my understanding husband!!
For my friends (including blog friends) and family!!
For a loving God!!


Mom trying to Detach with Love said...

Oh how I long to travel. Can't wait to see the pics and so glad the timing is perfect!!!

Dulce said...

great for himm... and you!

Jingle said...

blessing for both of you,
Happy Monday!

Shen said...

"I said it is out of our control."
Yes. Those words, first uttered, can make one feel powerless. In reality, we are becoming aware of our own power - the things we can control. For me, as I began to let go of those things I had no control over, I found a new kind of peace. I can't change it. I can't make it go the way I want it to. It is not my responsibility. Therefore, I can let it go and concentrate on the things I can do.

What a relief!

Garnet said...

Your vacation sounds lovely. Hooray!

Jingle said...

I want to honor you with some friendship awards.
Happy Thursday!

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